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I won't sugarcoat it. Winter wrecks my skin. Well, any skin below my neck. Everything above the neck gets VIP treatment.


My legs hadn't seen sunlight in months and were sporting what I can reasonably refer to as dry, flaky scales. Yes, scales.


Sugar is an exfoliator; the coarseness allows for extreme slough power but is not that rough that it scratches the skin. For the texture, experts recommend using sugar scrubs no more than once a week.

Almond Oil. The strength of almond exfoliation depends on how smooth the almonds oils also contain moisturizing properties that act as a natural moisturizer, promoting smooth, polished skin.


Our Natural Body Sugar Scrubs are great for exfoliating and sloughing away dry skin, quickly rinse off, leaving skin soft and moisturized. They are blended with delicious ingredients such as Whipped Mocha or aromatherapy Pink Grapefruit and Juniper and made with pure African Shea Butter, oils, and botanicals.   



Apply sugar scrub over wet skin, using circular movements, focusing on dry areas first – avoid your delicate areas, then rinse off excess. 

Leave the product on the skin (like a mask) for a few minutes for additional plant exfoliation, then wipe and rinse off. 


SIZE: 250g / 8oz



Amond, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, Baobab Oil, Beeswax, Rooibos, Plant extracts, Organic Sugar, Essential Oils: African Chamomile / Juniper / Mango.

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